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Content Research

Content Research

Stop Looking - Start Finding

Our Content Research module gives you access to over 630M content items in our database. Stay up to date on current developments in the news and on social media. Monitor news about your brand or see what the competition is posting.

Understand what's going on

Focus on what's important to you

Our customers use our powerful search engine and huge databases to sift through a torrent of information and view only results relevant to their need. Stay up to date and monitor developments in real time, whether it is current affairs, industry news or social media discussions.

Identify Trends

Stay ahead of the curve

Our clients are always one step ahead of the competition and never out of touch with their customers. Quickly find and identify the top performing contents for any topic, industry or brand and easily spot developing trends. Don't miss out on new developments and social media crazes. 

Fine Tune Your Results

Perfectly calibrate your search

Filter and fine-tune your results using a powerful search engine. Use geographic information, language filters or additional keywords to only get results that are relevant to you.

Search only in selected fields, exclude keywords or whole categories. Choose which networks and sources you want to search and update your content streams as new information becomes available. 

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